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3-team trade idea bringing Donovan Mitchell home

So I was playing with the NBA trade machine on Fanspo and figured why not have some fun.

Jazz receive:

Collin Sexton

Derrick Rose

Quentin Grimes

Obi Toppin

4 unprotected 1st's from NY

Knicks receive:

Donovan Mitchell

Bojan Bogdanovic

Cavs receive:

Evan Fournier

2025 2nd round pick

Now first off, in order for this trade to work the Jazz have to agree to a sign-and-trade with Colin Sexton on a 3 year 30ish million dollar deal. You can maybe throw in a player option for year 3 so Sexton can bet on himself.

The reason why I think this trade would be good for the Knicks is that they don't have to part ways with (most) of their picks. Now I know what you're saying, 4 unprotected 1st's are still a lot but that's better than giving up 5 or even 6 1st's. So the Knicks get Spida and a sniper in Bojan.

The Cavs signed Garland to a max deal and already have LeVert. Adding a much needed shooter into their rotation on a pretty team friendly deal would seem appealing. They might ask for another 2nd round pick. Maybe even a heavily protected 1st from NY, if they don't we'll just leave it at that.

Now onto the Jazz. Boy does this put their rebuild into high gear. They get a high upside/low risk play PG in Sexton, an expiring Rose deal, and a fun duo of Obi and Grimes. Also, of course, don't forget the 4 unprotected 1st's from NYK.

Now this probably won't happen but it would be a pretty solid deal for all parties involved if it does.

Let me know your thoughts!

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