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Heavy thunderstorms in DC, Knicks flood the Wizards from three


Knicks 117

Wizards 99

The Knicks last season was one of the top-3 worst teams in terms of shooting the three. That seems to be changing this season. They were averaging about 30 attempts per game. Well, tonight in Washington they attempted 52 and hit 24 of them. That's 46% for those keeping track at home.

The additions to Fournier and Kemba seem to be helping the offense with spacing tremendously. Granted it's only Pre-season but still, expect this all year.

Kemba Walker: 6 points, 4 rebounds, 4 assists

Derrick Rose: 15 points, 8 assists

Quickley: 11 points

Kevin Knox: 12 points

RJ Barrett: 18 points, 3 assists

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