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Jeff Van Gundy should be the Knicks next Head coach

Tom Thibodeau? Jay Wright? or maybe even Mark Jackson?

All of those names are high profile individuals that should be considered, but the Knicks next head coach should be and needs to be Jeff Van Gundy.

Let me explain:

Its been nearly 20 years since Jeff Van Gundy quit on the Knicks, a lasting gut blow that many of us Knicks fans will never forget. Since then, the Knicks have won one playoff series. Yes, just one. In June 2013 Van Gundy went on The Michael Kay Show, 98.7 ESPNNY and said the following: "I quit the Knicks so I know what quitting is, "I did. I quit. And it's something I regret to this day. I live with it every day and I regret it. And I let my emotions come into it. And I was just emotionally spent. I made a bad decision and I quit."

The Knicks need stability, it has been a carousel ride of 'take your pick' when it comes to coaching hires. The last one was David Fizdale, whom I thought at the time was a good hire based on him guiding Memphis to the playoffs in his first year. All in all that was a disaster.

Van Gundy's coaching style is exactly what the Knicks need at this stage of their rebuild. What I mean by that is this, just look at what he did 3 years ago: he coached an Olympic team that was full of G-league all-stars and guided them to win the 2017 Fiba Americup Title against Argentina. I know what your'e thinking, who cares? I do, because that right there tells me he knows how to connect with young players and can guide them to success while developing them. The Knicks desperately need that, considering the fact that they have 12 players ages 25 or younger. The youngest being their prize possession, RJ Barrett.

Most importantly, the Knicks need a voice who can connect with the fans and media. Someone who can guide us through this current rebuild and keep us grounded. Someone who knows the ins and outs of NY and can handle it. Who's the person that has to sit in front of a mic before and after every game? The coach. He's the voice of reason. So what better man for the job than JVG.

Van Gundy would have never considered coming back to NY if Steve Mills was still in office because of his tarnished relationship with him, but since Steve Mills is finally gone(yay!) that opens the door for a reunion.

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