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Knicks Fans Hit The Streets of NYC:

Updated: May 21, 2023

The New York Knicks have a loyal and passionate fan base, and after their recent victory against the Cleveland Cavaliers in the playoffs, that passion was on full display. Outside of Madison Square Garden, fans were ecstatic and eager to share their thoughts on the team's performance.

One fan, who had been a Knicks supporter for over 30 years, expressed his excitement about the team's resilience and tenacity in the face of adversity. "These guys never gave up, even when things looked bleak. They kept fighting, and now they're moving on to the next round."

Another fan praised the team's defense, saying that it was the key to their success. "The Knicks played tough defense all series long, and it paid off in the end. They shut down the Cavs' offense and made them work for every point."

Overall, the mood outside of MSG was one of jubilation and excitement. Knicks fans have been waiting for a playoff series win for a long time, and now that it's finally happened, they're savoring every moment. With more playoff games on the horizon, there's no doubt that the energy and passion of these fans will only continue to grow.

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