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Mitchell Robinson has career night VS. Bulls

Is it starting to happen? Is Mitchell Robinson breaking out finally? Well, the numbers seem to think so and certainly the eye-test.

The Knicks beat the Bulls by a score of 125-115 on Saturday night and Mitch had his career night to go along with it. To top off the night, he even heard MVP chants from the crowd. I believe the last Knick to hear that was Carmelo Anthony.

Career night:

23 points

10 rebounds

2 blocks

1 steal

Also, lets not forget the other 19-year old who had himself a night, RJ Barrett.

19 points

4 rebounds

3 assists

8/10 FG%

Mitchell Robinson showed in his rookie year that he had massive upside. Instead, since not playing organized basketball for a year plus -- That upside was capped by him always getting into foul trouble. Well, over the last few games were starting to see him grow as the player we had hoped. He's starting to learn how to use his body more rather than his hands and because of this, it's helping him foul less.

Also, the fact that he's doing this all by coming off of the bench is fascinating in itself. Who knows, maybe the bench roll is actually helping him be a better player -- but its safe to say that all of us Knicks fans would like to seem him start as soon as possible. Especially when you have old man Taj Gibson starting in front of him.

It's also nice to see both RJ Barrett and Mitchell Robinson flourish during the same game. This is all we want as Knicks fans, is to watch our youth develop -- and both RJ and Mitch, aka the untouchables, are players that the Knicks need to build around in the coming future.

Hopefully, newly Knicks GM Leon Rose can see that.

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