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The Knicks Should Trade for Raptors Forward OG Anunoby

As the New York Knicks prepare for the trading deadline this upcoming Thursday, one of their primary goals should be to acquire a player who can help them make the playoffs. Toronto Raptors forward OG Anunoby is an ideal target for a trade. He is a young, talented player with high upside potential and would fit in perfectly with the Knicks roster. Let’s take a look at why Anunoby would be an excellent addition to the team.

Anunoby is an incredibly talented player who has shown he can produce at a high level in the NBA. In his 6 seasons with the Raptors, he has averaged 11 points per game, five rebounds per game, and one steal per game. He also shot 48 percent from the field and 38 percent from 3-point range a couple of seasons ago, which are both impressive numbers for a player his age. Additionally, he has the makings on becoming a defensive player of the year sometime down the line. He has received votes for All-Defensive teams but his durability has hampered him on winning any such award. OG Anunoby has a 7'2" wingspan and it shows on the basketball court when he plays. He's a guy who you can stick on a Jayson Tatum, Kevin Durant or a Giannis and not have to worry about it. And in the east where you have a lot of wing superstar players, that's important.


Anunoby would be an excellent fit with the Knicks' current roster because he could play both forward positions and slide into either spot when needed. His ability to defend multiple positions makes him especially valuable in that regard as it would give head coach Tom Thibodeau more flexibility when deciding how to deploy his players on defense. Offensively, Anunoby’s shooting ability combined with his athleticism would make him an asset in transition and pick-and-roll situations where he could draw defenders away from shooters like RJ Barrett or Jalen Brunson. Plus this will solidify the Knicks bench. The bench unit on the Knicks lacks scoring and knockdown shooters, so if you acquire OG, you can slide Quentin Grimes or even RJ Barrett to the bench to help fill that void. Now I know what you're thinking, RJ Barrett to the bench?! He'll still play a ton of minutes and coach Thibs actually likes to play him with the bench unit now. Will it be done? I doubt it but it could be an option if OG is acquired.

The Value of Acquiring OG Anunoby:

Acquiring Anunoby would also benefit the Knicks financially as they could use him as part of a package when trading for another player or sign him to an extension before free agency starts next summer if they believe he will continue to improve over time. Regardless of what happens, adding OG Anunoby via trade would be beneficial for New York as it could help them reach their goal of solidifying themselves in the playoffs this season while simultaneously providing them with financial flexibility going forward.


The New York Knicks should seriously consider trading for Toronto Raptors forward OG Anunoby before the deadline. He is a young and talented player who can contribute on both ends of the court—something that many teams lack these days. Wings are very valuable in todays NBA. All in all, acquiring OG Anunoby makes sense for both basketball and financial reasons and should be strongly considered by the New York Knicks front office before the deadline on Thursday, Feb 9th.

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