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Will it be Tom Thibodeau's Final Run with the Knicks?

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

tom thibodeau knicks

As the NBA season approaches, the New York Knicks find themselves in an intriguing position. Tom Thibodeau, the seasoned head coach, has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the team since taking the reins. His leadership has helped build a new culture within the franchise, and the results have been nothing short of remarkable.

Thibodeau's Impact on the Knicks: A Tremendous Job Done

Tom Thibodeau's arrival in New York was met with both enthusiasm and skepticism. However, the coach quickly silenced any doubts by guiding the Knicks to a significant improvement in performance. His defensive expertise and focus on player development have been instrumental in transforming the team into a competitive force. Thibodeau's dedication to creating a winning culture has been evident in the players' growth and the overall team dynamic. Quentin Grimes, Immanuel Quickley and Mitchell Robinson have all taken steps in the right direction under Thibs. The Knicks have become a formidable defensive unit and have managed to clinch playoff berths, a feat not achieved in years past. (2 out of the last 3 years).

A Shift in Roles: Moving to the Front Office

While Thibodeau's contributions have been invaluable, the front office may now be contemplating a shift in his role. Given his extensive experience and deep understanding of the game, the Knicks' management could consider moving Thibodeau into a front office position. This strategic move would allow him to contribute to the team's long-term success in a different capacity. We all know how Leon Rose values relationships, so transitioning Thibs from coaching to a front office role might ease any tension. (Considering Thibs coaching success)

We can look at examples like the Golden State Warriors, who parted ways with Mark Jackson despite his accomplishments with the team. The Warriors' decision to hire Steve Kerr as head coach proved to be transformative, leading the team to multiple championships. Similarly, the Knicks may be envisioning a fresh start under a new head coach with innovative ideas to build upon Thibodeau's foundation.

Johnnie Bryant: A Prime Candidate

If the Knicks decide to bring in a new head coach, Johnnie Bryant emerges as a prime candidate. Bryant is widely regarded as one of the league's brightest assistant coaches, known for his strong player development skills and innovative offensive strategies. Having worked under the tutelage of coaching greats like Jerry Sloan and Quin Snyder, Bryant possesses a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the game.

With the Knicks' emphasis on fostering young talent and player growth, Bryant's expertise could be a perfect fit. He played a significant role in developing Donovan Mitchell. If given the opportunity, Bryant could bring a fresh perspective and invigorating ideas to the Knicks, building upon the foundation laid down by Thibodeau.


As the Knicks embark on a new NBA season, the future of Tom Thibodeau's coaching tenure remains uncertain. The Knicks haven't extended him yet. While he has undoubtedly done a tremendous job in building a winning culture, the front office may seek a fresh start by transitioning him into a front office role. Should this happen, the possibility of hiring an innovative mind like Johnnie Bryant as the new head coach could pave the way for continued success.

In the ever-evolving landscape of professional basketball, change is often necessary to stay competitive. As fans, we must appreciate the impact of Tom Thibodeau while also looking forward to the potential promise a new era could bring. This coming season will undoubtedly be filled with speculation, but ultimately, it is the collective vision Leon Rose that will shape the team's future.

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